Monday, May 5, 2008

1/2 marathon in Brno

Even though I did not follow my training plan during last week and just 9 days before the 1/2 marathon I went to donate my blood (fortunately just 0,5l), I decided to run this race. Also thanks to my family, as Jitka and Vitek promised to come with me. They helped me with refreshment and gave me motivation during race.

I had a goal to be better than last year and so wanted to reach as close as possible to 1:40. After the first lap of 2, my time was 49:55, which is less than half of the goal time, but I knew that I would slow down. The winner among women, Magdalena Mukunzi, was very fast. She was 11. among all and I think I could not pace with her even 100m. Furthermore, she looked like she was just on a trip.

The last 5km I started to feel my body too much. Missing kms in the training, overweight, may be also lack of red blood cells. This way the time 1:42:23 is very nice, even though it is 1 minute worse than last year.
Happy face in the finish means, I survived an can do it once more in the future. ;-)