Monday, June 15, 2009

Athletic Pentathlon

There was a fun track&field event in Kurim last Sunday - Athletic Pentathlon for teams.
There were 8 teams competing in 5 disciplines - long jump, javelin, 200m, shot put, 1500m. Each team consisting of 5 members and each member competing in a single discipline. For some of the participants it was a first time they were holding a javelin...
We had a family team - me, my 2 bros and my 2 kids. Lubos was one of the best long jumpers with his 477cm. Marek threw the javelin to the distance of 26.78m. Excellent throw, if I take in mind that he has an issue with a knee and will go to surgery next week. My son Vitek was running 200m and he beated his personal best - 31.0s. Lenka was putting the shot at her personal best as well - 5.58m is a decent distance with 3kg shot for 12 years old girl. The last discipline was my task and even though I usually run longer distances, I am really happy with 5:29,1 for 1500m.
Some pictures can be found here.