Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yesterday I visited a doctor who checked my ankles with ultrasonograph. Hopefully he has found the root cause of my continuous ache in the ankle. He told me several interesting things.

1. I have too large interarticular spaces in general. I can do nothing about it, just live with it and make the muscles around as strong as possible. This is the main reason I twist my ankles so often. I will begin special exercises for my ankles.

2. I have got some kind of liquid in my right ankle, which prevent the ankle to move properly and creates a pain. This liquid must be absorbed and to do that, I will take some pills. (I hope it works).

3. I should start to run as much as it does not hurt. I like this kind of advise. My previous doctor just told me - "don't do anything"

I am very positive about my running future now and I hope to be back on trail soon.

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