Monday, May 25, 2009

My first unofficial "almost" 1/2 ironman

On Saturday I raced my first trail "almost" 1/2 Ironman, see
Swimming in the Kuřim's swimming pool: 1.9 km for 41.30 - perfect and unexpected time and 2nd place overall (out of 13). My goal was to test my endurance and not speed (I wanted to complete it survived, not creeping on the ground). So I was just slowly drying myself and changed my dress, while the 3rd swimmer was like a lightening, he dressed himself wet and was gone ;-). So I started the bike on 3rd place. After about 10 kilometers, I fell at the 4th, when I was captured by another racer.
First half of the bike route was more or less on the road, the other on the hard and muddy trail. The bike result was again much better than I have expected. My thighs hurted, but I expected this of course ;-).
Before the run I completely changed all my dress to rest a little and to prevent any unpleasant feelings during the run. It took me 8 minutes ;-) . So even though I was 4th after bike, I have started the run route at 7th place, with the 8th behind my back. I quickly ran over one and the second too soon. The other other one was faster, so I held on the 5th place.
First 13 km was OK, but then my legs started to stiffen and burn, so I had to walk not only up the hill, but sometimes even on the flat parts and downhills.
According to the profile, the 1/2 marathon was really very challenging. Great satisfaction with the time 2:15.
The main thing is, I have survived! My legs hurt, but I am now sure I can handle 1/2 ironman!


IronJenny said...

Great job Ales!!!
You should sign up for the MAdison, Wisconsin full Ironman for 2010 - I will be doing it and you can stay with me and then we can go to the race together!

PoorAxl said...

Thanks for the invitation.
It is in September 2010? Do you know when they open the signing over internet?
I hope I will still work for Honeywell at that time and can do it as a business trip.